news 8/26/2010
Last year Obama had lifted the veto on research with hES that Bush had set in place in 2001, but on August 23, 2010, the judge Lamberth from the federal court of DC sentenced that the funds violated an amendment emanated by the Congress in 1996. Neverending story?
event 8/25/2010
Between the Right Not to Know and the Duty to Inform. Event organized by the Doctoral programme Life Sciences: Foundations & Ethics, which will take place in Lido di Camaiore on September 22, 2010.
event 5/7/2010
The fourth annual conference will be hosted and organized by students from the European School of Molecular Medicine (SEMM).

The Conference will cover many topics related to cancer, from basic biology to clinical aspects of the disease. It will also host a round-table devoted to bioethics.
news 5/4/2010
A Brooklyn attorney hopes to break new ground this week when he offers a brain scan as evidence that a key witness in a civil trial is telling the truth.

If the fMRI scan is admitted, it would be a legal first in the United States and could have major consequences for the future of neuroscience in court.
news 3/17/2010
In February 2009, for the first time in a US court, fMRI was brought up in a case in which death penalty was at stake. According to the defense, the fMRI was supposed to be a 'mitigating circumstance', by showing that the accused is a psychopath. But the verdict was death penalty anyway. But is fMRI a scientific valid tool for the assessment of psychopathy?
news 5/25/2009
The law 40/2004 on assisted reproduction, which prohibits embryo-cryoconservation and pre-implantation diagnosis, is anti-constitutional and needs to be changed, ruled the Italian Constitutional Court. Seems that Italy is re-aligning back to Europe standards, at least on this front.
news 3/1/2009
In a recent commentary in the journal Nature, two Cambridge University researchers reported that about a dozen of their colleagues had admitted to regular use of prescription drugs like Adderall, and Provigil, to improve their academic performance. But is prescription tweaking to perform on exams, or prepare presentations and grants, really the same as injecting hormones to chase down a home run record, or win the Tour de France?
event 2/21/2009
Seminar for the 200th anniversary of Sir Charles Darwin's birth. Forlì, March 5, 2009, Diagonal Club, 6 pm
news 2/12/2009
What the 'Economist has to say about Eluana Englaro's case, Italy and its political rulers.The affair highlighted two characteristics of today’s Italy. One is the enduring influence of the Catholic church and its teaching on the sanctity of life. The other is its prime minister’s impatience with the rule of law.
news 12/3/2008
Human embryonic stem cells whose derivation requires the destruction of embryos cannot be patented, the appeals board of the European Patent Office ruled.The EPO decided that the patent contravenes a clause in its own convention, which says that anything whose exploitation is considered "contrary to public order or morality" cannot be patented.
news 11/12/2008
Evelyn Fox Keller, philosopher and science historian, calls the language of molecular biology “historical baggage,” while Eric S. Lander, scientist at the Broad Institute, says he is not worried about any confusion that may arise in references to “gene", as it reflects the underlying biological complexity.
news 11/6/2008
It's obvious that this genetic fortune-telling will be murky and inconclusive for many years to come. What is not clear is how people will act on it. Making such information easily available to researchers has predictably challenged valued principles of privacy. Current protection for research subjects is inadequate in this respect
news 10/20/2008
The first ten participants of the Personal Genome Project ("PGP-10") are putting the complete sequence of their genomes online, together with their medical history data. Such an "open" approach challenges traditional notions of privacya and informed consent for research participants.
news 10/7/2008
Barack Obama accepted Nature's invitation to answer 18 science-related questions in writing; John McCain's campaign declined.
news 9/24/2008
CHICAGO — In this state with a history of corruption at the highest levels of government and little history of meaningful reform, lawmakers and the governor have embarked on a sudden, surprising scurry to enact ethics legislation this week.
news 6/19/2008
As the battle to create therapeutic stem-cell lines intensifies, Japan is waking up to the fact that the United States could steal a march on it by being the first to commercialize induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell technology.
news 5/28/2008
Waiting for the peer-review publication...I hope it is true: "Perry Cross, who was left quadriplegic after an accident while playing rugby, says that stem cell treatment has allowed him to breathe without a ventilator".
news 5/20/2008
Ground-breaking new laws permitting the creation of human-animal hybrid embryos for research passed a crucial vote in the Commons last night after attempts to ban the technique were overwhelmingly rejected.
news 5/16/2008
Lausanne Court of Arbitration of Sport reversed IAAF decision on the ground that Oscar Pistorius' blades do not give him an unfair advantage. Good luck Oscar on making the cut-off for the Olympics!